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The Canberra Griffins were established in 1996, making it one of the longest established clubs that trains and competes in the exciting sport of dragon boat racing in the ACT. 

We are a family friendly sports club and encourage everyone to give dragon boating a go. From social paddlers to ACT representatives, our diverse members train and race together, focusing on technique, timing, and teamwork. While we're dedicated to improving our skills, we never forget that dragon boating is all about fun and team spirit. At every regatta, everyone gets their chance to paddle and shine. 

Beyond our on-water training sessions, we value the opportunity to connect off the water. Whether it's over coffee, cake, or a meal, we love to get together after paddling. Throughout the season, the Griffins host various social events, such as our festive Christmas party and end of season dinner. Additionally, we come together to volunteer at local charitable and sporting events, further strengthening our ties with the community.. Join us for the thrill of the water and the warmth of friendship!

Griffins are a member of Dragon Boat ACT - the governing body for the sport of dragon boating in the Australian Capital Territory. More information about the broader sport of dragon boating in the ACT can be found on the DBACT website.

The Canberra Griffins Committee members are passionate about dragon boating. Their aim is to continue to build the club, ensuring it is inclusive to all and that everyone gets the opportunity to give it a go. Read their stories here.

As well as the committee, we have a number of members who are representing at State and National levels.


What is dragon boat racing?

Dragon boating is an energetic, fun and challenging team-based paddling sport.

A dragon boat team consists of 20 paddlers sitting two to each bench seat, plus a sweep who navigates the dragon boat from the rear and a drummer who sits up the front. The team of paddlers work together to drive the boat forwards and with good timing, technique, strength and endurance, aim to reach the finish line in the fastest time. Teamwork is critical.

Racing can be in teams of all women, an equal mix of women and men or an open category. Race distances vary but the most common are 200m, 500m and 2kms.

Whether you are a first-timer looking to improve your fitness in a social environment or a driven competitor wanting to experience the adrenaline of racing there is a seat for you on a dragon boat.


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