Griffins Representatives in the DB Community


Canberra Griffins are taking on representative roles to help build the sport of Dragon Boat Racing


Dragon boating is not just a sport and an awesome way to stay fit, it is a community of like-minded people enjoying the challenge of competing, making lifelong friendships, and building a sport for all to enjoy.

The Canberra Griffins are passionate about ensuring the sport is for everyone and that anyone is welcome to give it a go.

We are very proud of our members who have been selected on committees or as ambassadors to develop the sport of dragon boating in such a way that it is inclusive and welcomes a diverse range of people.

Donald Jenkin is currently Dragon Boat ACT (DBACT) President. DBACT is the peak body for dragon boat racing in the ACT with 450 members across 10 clubs. It runs a series of regattas, participates in Canberra events such as the annual balloon festival and Chinese New Year celebrations and provides development programs for members such as accredited coaching, race officials and sweep (boat steerers). Donald and the DBACT community look forward to moving into their new permanent home soon at Grevillea Park.

Peter Campos has recently been elected Chairperson of the Australian Dragon Boat Federation (AusDBF). AusDBF administers the sport at a national level and supports paddlers, clubs and states to progress the participation in the sport. AusDBF also links up and contributes to the international community in dragon boating.

Charli Murphy is on the AusDBF Diversity and Inclusion Committee and her passion in this field makes her an asset to the team. As someone who is part of a continuingly diversifying culture, Charli joined the Diversity and Inclusion committee because she believes that these are the underpinning values of society. Thus, without these values there are people who would continue to be excluded from participating within the dragon boat community. By being on the committee she can do her part to ensure that the Australian Dragon Boat community is a safe and welcoming environment for those currently involved and those who want to be involved.

Danni Allport is the Pride Dragon Boat Ambassador. Danni identifies as part of the LGBTQI+ community and is very passionate about 'Pride in Sport".

She believes that everyone should feel included and welcomed in all areas of life. Sport is a large part of keeping healthy as it encompasses almost all aspects of health (physical, social, emotional, psychological etc). Danni wants to continue to create safe spaces for others like herself. Spaces for people to come to and be included, celebrated, and rejoiced in for just being who they are.

Lindy Hou is a AusDBF Disability Ambassador. Lindy has only been Dragon Boating for one season but has embraced the sport and is keen to encourage others with a disability to try Dragon Boating. Lindy is legally blind but after instruction on the proper paddling technique and joining the Griffins’ crew for training sessions and regattas, she is as good as anyone else on the boat.

She believes that given the right opportunity and encouragement, people of all abilities can participate as a team and by building a culture of inclusion of all ability in sports, it can help break down barriers in our society.

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