Bei Loon 8km Challenge 2024

Published Sat 03 Feb 2024

Dinner at the Newport Hotel was a great way to spend an evening before our competition. Lots of laughs, great food and company made for an entertaining night.

We had plenty of time the next morning for breakfast before heading over to Rowland Reserve, for the race. Organisers advised it was safe to race around Scotland Island, so we lined up at the start and waited for the call to Go!!!!!

Our sweep Joe manoeuvred us between moored boats, through the chop and around the island with ease. He nailed a perfect turn on the last buoy to give us an advantage over another dragon boat. This gave the crew a much-needed boost which saw us paddle hard to the finish.

Everyone was straight in the water to cool off afterwards, before enjoying a BBQ put on by the hosts. Just what was needed to rejuvenate us for the drive back to Canberra.

What a blast, we had salt water, swell, great competition, and wonderful hospitality from the Bei Loon DB club.

Despite one case of sea sickness, lots of dragon kisses (blisters), cramps, tired muscles and a longer paddle than expected (close to 11km), everyone was pumped and loved the experience.



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