The Canberra Griffins are different to the other dragon boat clubs in Canberra.  Just like the other teams we train hard and we race hard BUT we understand that you have a life outside dragon boating and that fitting the 2 in takes effort.  And we don't just say this, we mean it.  Life is busy.

So you want to paddle.  That's great, we want you to paddle.  You can't make 3 times a week.  That's okay, we understand.

What do The Griffins expect.  When you come to training you train hard.  You listen and respond to the coaches, you are positive and focused.  That you come to as many regattas as you can.  This is a big reason why we train.  It isn't just about fitness, it's about competition as well.  It's about being part of a team.  It drives you harder.  And finally that you have fun.  Lots of it.


Training with The Griffins

The Griffins train 3 days a week:

  • Sunday mornings at 9.15am for warmup and on the water at 9.30am
  • Tuesday and Thursday at 5.45 for warmup and on the water at 6.00pm.

Your first 3 sessions are free and we really want you to give them a go.  We want you to be sure that the Griffins are the right team for you and just as importantly we want to get the chance to know you.

Sundays are the best days to have a go.

When you arrive look for the team in purple and aqua.  Nobody else sports such a fine mix of colours.

You need to wear and bring:

  • Clothes that can get damp and closed toe shoes that can get wet.
  • A water bottle
  • A hat and sunscreen

We will provide:

  • A qualified sweep
  • A qualified coach
  • All the paddling equipment
  • We will get you to complete a temporary membership form.  This covers you for insurance.

Where are we

You'll find us next to the Southern Cross Yacht Club.

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Contact Us

The best and easiest way to contact the Griffins, short of coming down to training, is by email.